Why Choose an Enrolled Agent?

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You need help with serious tax problems but may not know what kind of professional is most qualified for the job. To get the best possible resolution, should you work with a CPA, an accountant, or an enrolled agent? The facts may surprise you.

Enrolled Agents Specialize in Tax

CPAs and accountants can prepare tax returns but their license does not require any tax expertise. However, enrolled agents specialize in taxes and have obtained an elite license from the IRS. If you’re looking for effective tax planning strategies and worry-free tax preparation at tax time, an EA is your best bet. Enrolled agents:

  • Have completed special tax training
  • Are certified by the IRS
  • Stay current on changing tax legislation

What is an Enrolled Agent?

Enrolled agents are federally licensed tax professionals who have been authorized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to represent taxpayers in any state. Being an EA requires adherence to ethical standards and successfully passing a personal background check by the federal government. EAs are also required to complete 72 hours of continuing education courses every three years in order to preserve their license.

Tax Services You Can Trust

As an enrolled agent, Best Tax & Audit, Inc. offers IRS tax problem resolution, accurate tax preparation, and proactive tax planning services. To find out how we can save you money on taxes or provide help with your state or federal tax problems, call 310-276-4380 or request a free consultation online now.